Practigut Chrom

Absorbable Chromic Catgut suture

Practigut chrome cassette


Chromic catgut is a type of natural, absorbable suture made from collagen taken from the submucosa of the small intestine of ruminants. It is a twisted polyfilament suture but has a monofilament appearance. The resorption is done by phagocytosis and the treatment with chromium salts allows this thread to present a longer resorption time. This gives it a better resistance to body enzymes. It differs from traditional catgut by its brown color.

The chromic catgut is used for sutures and ligatures in general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, gastrointestinal surgery and even in ophthalmic surgery.

However, it is not suitable for cardiovascular and neurosurgery. Furthermore, its use should be avoided when long tissue support is required and in patients whose healing may be delayed. Care should also be taken not to use it in cases of tissue infection and in cases of allergy to collagen and chromium.

Technical features

Type of suture

Twisted multifilament with a monofilament appearance


Strands of purified collagen taken from the serosal layer of selected bovines, tanned with chrome salts. Origin from BSEfree classifi ed countries.




Dark brown

Tissue reaction



By phagocytosis. The rate of absorption is slowed down by chromizing. Complete mass absorption in approximately 70 days. Approximately 50% of tensile strength remain after 14 days. When used in infected tissues or in tissues with increased levels of proteolytic enzymes (stomach, cervix,
vagina) it is more quickly absorbed.



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