Supramono Polypropylene

Non-absorbable Polypropylene (PP) suture


Supramono Polypropylene (PP) is a brand of suture from AIP Medical. It is a non-absorbable monofilament suture that consists of polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerisation of propylene and has good resistance to acids and alkalis.

Thanks to their blue colour, polypropylene sutures can be easily identified during surgery. In addition, they have a high tensile strength due to their non-absorbable nature as well as resistance to repeated tension. In addition, the fact that it is a monofilament suture with a uniform diameter provides further advantages. As a result, polypropylene sutures cause minimal tissue reaction and do not cause tissue rupture or promote infection.

These characteristics make polypropylene sutures very suitable for most sutures and ligatures in soft tissue surgery. Surgeons use it in skin sutures, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and even ophthalmic surgery.

AIP Medical’s Supramono Polypropylene is available in dozens for use in human medicine. For more information, please see the technical information below or contact our team of experts.

Technical features

Type of suture



Polypropylene, a polymer of propylene





Tissue reaction



Non absorbable


Box with 12 sutures

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