AIP Medical, an expert company in the field of veterinary equipment
Sutures Made in Belgium

A leading Belgian manufacturer and distributor of veterinary equipment.

Our team of veterinary experts has been serving other veterinary experts and animal welfare for over 30 years with our sutures, medical devices and other products for livestock and pets.

AIP Medical SA

High quality, competitively priced sutures and veterinary equipment

Founded in 1993, AIP Medical specializes in the manufacture and distribution of sutures, medical devices and equipment for veterinary use.

We are one of the oldest suture manufacturing and distribution companies in Belgium.

Created by professionals to meet the needs of other professionals, our mission is to help veterinarians provide quality care at the best value with the help of expert advice.

AIP Medical provides you with

High quality

Good price


Fast execution

Veterinary products

Our veterinary line includes a wide range of materials for veterinary use such as surgical sutures in dozens and cassettes, identification chips, hygiene and prevention products and other types of medical devices.

Medical products

Our human medicine line contains a wide range of sutures sold by dozens. Our sutures are suitable for a variety of uses, from simple skin wound closure to dental or cardiac surgery.

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