Practilac P(LA-CL)

Absorbable L-lactide copolymer and Caprolactone P(LA-CL) suture


Practilac sold by AIP Medical is a 100% Belgian manufactured suture brand. This long resorption monofilament suture consists of L-lactide and caprolactone P(LA-CL) copolymer, with 75% lactide and 25% caprolactone.

Therefore, Practilac has a high tensile strength and excellent temperature and moisture resistance. This gives it a very high storage capacity. It is also a very manageable and flexible yarn that glides perfectly over tissues without causing degradation.

In addition, Practilac offers a long resorption time of 180-210, similar to polydioxanone acid (PDO) sutures. This is initially achieved by hydrolytic action. In the later stages of resorption, macrophage resorption takes over.

This thread is suitable for various types of soft tissue surgery that require a very long tissue support time. It is therefore ideally suited for use in general surgery, but also in gastrointestinal surgery and orthopaedics. However, there are contraindications to its use in cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery.

Our Practilac is available in cassette for veterinary use. For more information, please contact us.

Technical features

Type of suture



L-lactide copolymer and Caprolactone P(LA-CL), with 75% lactide and 25% caprolactone




Violet / Beige – undyed

Tissue reaction



Resorption in the first stage by hydrolytic action and in the last stages by macrophages, with total resorption after 180 to 210 days.



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