Practicryl 910 PGLA

Absorbable suture made of Polyglactine 910 (PGLA)


Practicryl 910 PGLA is a brand of multifilament absorbable suture sold by AIP Medical. This suture is manufactured with a synthetic coating based on polyglactin 910 (PGLA), a copolymer composed of 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide.

Polyglactin 910 sutures have a predictable hydrolytic resorption time of 56 to 70 days and high tensile strength. The tensile strength is 40% to 50% 21 days after the yarn is applied. In addition, the synthetic coating makes the suture softer to minimise tissue reaction. The braided yarn makes it very easy to handle and gives it great flexibility, with high knot security. It also has better knotting properties than polyglycolic acid (PGA) sutures.

Due to its low tissue reaction, this suture is particularly suitable for soft tissue suturing and ligation in both human and veterinary medicine. It is commonly used in general surgery, in skin suturing operations, but also in plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, gynaecology and urology. However, it is not recommended for cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery or when the approach to the tissue is prolonged.

Our Practicryl 910 PGLA is available in dozens for medical use. For more information about this product and its use, please see below or contact our team.

Technical features

Type of suture

Braided and coated multifilament


Polyglactine 910, a copolymer made of 90% glycolide and 10%L-lactide


Poly-glycolide-co-L-lactide and calcium stearate (<1%)


Violet / Beige – undyed

Tissue reaction



The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption between 56 and 70 days. Between 40% and 50% of tensile strength remain after 21 days.


Box with 12 sutures

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