Practicryl PGA

Absorbable Polyglycolic acid (PGA) suture


Practicryl PGA is a synthetic absorbable suture and polyfilament made from polyglicolic acid (PGA). It is a biodegradable and thermoplastic polymer, making it the simplest linear polyester.

It is hydrolytically resorbed to give a fairly long resorption time of 90. This type of suture also has a higher tensile strength, which is 50% after 21 days of suture placement. The suture’s polyglicolic acid (PGA) coating allows for easier passage through the tissue and less tissue irritation.

Surgeons around the world use PGA sutures such as Practicryl in various types of surgery, both in human and veterinary medicine. It is recommended for surgeries that require soft tissue approximation, including ophthalmic surgery. This type of suture is not suitable for operations on cardiovascular and neurological tissues, nor when short support is required or when the patient suffers from delayed healing.

Our Practicryl PGA is available for veterinary use in dozens or cassettes. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Technical features

Type of suture

Braided and coated multifilament


Polyglycolic acid


Polycaprolactone and calcium stearate (1%)



Tissue reaction



The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption in approximately 60 to 90 days. Approximately 50% of tensile strength remain after 21 days.


Box with 12 sutures or cassette

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