ANIMAL ID Chip Reader

Chip reader for animal identification


The Chip Reader from AIP Medical is a portable reader designed to read identification chips for pets and other animals.

Pet identification is mandatory in a number of countries. It is the only way to give an identity to the animal and to officialize the link that it keeps with its owner. This makes it easier to trace and find the animal in case of runaway, loss, theft or even entry to the pound. To facilitate this work, there is nothing like our Chip Reader.

Lightweight and easy to handle, it is very easy to use and very sensitive to read. It can read RFID chips as well as identification numbers. Moreover, it allows the reading of tags that meet the ISO11784/5 FDX-HDX ID64 standards. After reading the chips or tags, it can display the information and store it. The user has the possibility to transmit them via Bluetooth or USB cable.

This chip reader is supplied with a rechargeable lithium battery, a USB cable and a power cable. It is also available in a mini version. For more information, please consult the technical section or contact our team.

Technical features


Working frequency: 134.2KHz/125KHz

Playback standards: ISO11784/5 FDX-HDX ID64

Data storage: up to 12000 records

Reading distance

Ear tag: 15cm for FDX-B

Microchip: 7cm


USB cable, user manual and battery


128*32 OLED

LED light: 2 colored LEDs

Working conditions

Working temperature: -30°C to 50°C

Storage temperature: -30°C to 65°C

Maximum working humidity: 5% to 90%.

Continuous working time: 12 hours

Dimensions and weight

265*200*5mm / 552.6g


Charging mode: USB

Charging voltage: 9V

Charging time : 4 to 5 hours

Language of use



Box with 1 chip reader

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