Non-absorbable Silk suture


Practisilk is a non-absorbable surgical silk suture made of organic fibroin polymer. It is AIP Medical’s brand of silk suture. Despite its non-absorbable nature, silk causes an inflammatory reaction in the tissue before encapsulation in fibrous tissue.

Fibroin polymer is a protein obtained from the domesticated bombisis mori type of the bombisida family. It is a domestic lepidopteran native to northern China and non-existent in the wild. Indeed, this species is the result of a selection by breeding, or sericulture. The natural wax and gum in the silk suture have been eliminated by treatment.

This suture is available in twisted or braided multifilament format. The surgical silk suture is dyed black and coated with wax or silicon. The black coloring agent is HCK hematin. It is also available in blue color and without coating.

Its non-absorbable property makes it a thread with good traction that provides support for 3 months. The multifilament character allows this suture to pass through the tissue without damaging it and provides a reduced capillary action. This prevents the excessive growth of bacteria. It is also a very manageable and flexible suture due to its twisted and braided structure, which ensures high knot security.

Practisilk is suitable for soft tissue sutures and ligatures. It can be used in general surgery, skin suturing and even in oral or ophthalmic surgery. However, it is necessary not to use it on the urinary tract, on the biliary tract and not to use it in case of sensitivity or allergy to silk.

Practisilk is available in boxes of 12 sutures for medical use. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the product.

Technical features

Type of suture

Silk Braided – Braided multifilament
Silk Virgin – Twisted multifilament


Silk Braided – Braided fibres from the cocoon of the silkworm
Silk Virgin – Twisted fibres from the cocoon of the silkworm


Silk Braided – Silicone
Silk Virgin – None


Silk Braided – Black
Silk Virgin – Blue

Tissue reaction



Silk suture elicits an initial inflammatory reaction in tissues, which is followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissues.


Box with 12 sutures

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