AIP urinary probes

Urinary catheters for dogs and cats


Urinary catheterization is a simple and very common procedure performed by a veterinarian. It involves placing a plastic tube, also called a “catheter” or “urinary catheter” into the dog’s penile urethra or vulvar urethra. This process is often used in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the urinary system of cats or dogs.

This type of surgery can be used to collect urine as a sample to perform tests such as urinalysis or cytology. It can also be used to improve urine flow in the animal if there is an obstruction in the bladder area.

To help veterinarians perform this type of operation, AIP Medical has decided to market its own line of urinary catheters for dogs and cats. Made from semi-rigid medical PVC tubing, they are transparent and greatly facilitate catheterization. They are packaged in blisters and sold in boxes of 10 to 20 catheters. There are several sizes to meet the needs of both dogs and cats. Their length varies from 13cm to 50cm.

For more information about our urinary catheters, please consult the technical section below or download our product sheet. Our team is also at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding the characteristics and use of these urinary catheters.

Technical features


Semi-rigid medical PVC tubing for easy catheterization


  • Connection by flexible conical and colored cup
  • Rounded atraumatic ends
  • 2 lateral eyes


Transparent tube

Tip: Pink



1mm x 13cm

1,3mm x 13cm


2mm x 50cm

2,6mm x 50cm

3,3mm x 50cm


Individual sterile packaging (blister)

10 or 20 urinary catheters per box

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