AIP Dog Collar

Collar for cats and dogs


AIP Dog Collar is the range of collars for dogs and cats from AIP Medical. These collars have a quick, secure fastening system with a fastening band to adapt the tightening to the animal’s size. They are designed to prevent the animal from biting its wound during and after surgery but also to protect it in case of skin diseases or other treatments. The soft, transparent polypropylene plastic material makes it easy for the veterinarian to apply the dressing. In addition, the cotton flannel border ensures maximum comfort for the animal. The collars comply with FDA standards regarding non-toxicity to pets and are available in 7 sizes, from 7.5 cm to 30 cm.

Technical features


– Quick and secure fastening system with double tabs.

– 3 to 5 neck size adjustments per size.

– Protects the head, abdomen and limbs.

– Independent fasteners that attach to the collar.

– Storage hole to hang and remove the chosen collar by simple traction, regardless of its position on the support.

– FDA compliant marking inks, non-toxic for the animal.

Available in the following sizes

– 7.5 cm
– 10 cm
– 12.5 cm
– 15 cm
– 20 cm
– 25 cm
– 30 cm

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