Animal ID Chips

Disposable syringe with microchip for Animal Identification


Animal ID is a brand of pet identification chips marketed by AIP Medical.

The identification of pets is mandatory in a number of countries. It is the only way to give an identity to the animal and to officialize the link that it keeps with its owner. This makes it easier to trace and find the animal in case of runaway, loss, theft or even entry to the pound.

This identification generally takes two forms. The first is to tattoo the animal with a series of letters and numbers on the ear or the inside of the thigh. The other option is to inject a chip the size of a grain of rice under the animal’s skin. This is a quicker and less intrusive procedure for the animals. These chips can be read by animal health professionals using readers.

This can be done with chips like AIP Medical’s Animal ID chips. These chips are sold in blister packs of 10 chips and are available in two sizes: the mini size and the standard size. They consist of a transponder and a disposable injector, all packed in a blister independent of the others. They are sterilized by EO gas to ensure a shelf life of 5 years. Finally, they are 100% compliant with the international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 concerning animal identification.

The Animal ID chips have a marketing authorization in Belgium and in France. For more information or a possible registration of the products in your country, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Technical features

Two sizes

Mini : 1,4 mm x 8 mm

Standard : 2,12 mm x 12 mm


Disposable, single-use syringe with a microchip inside for its use and application in pets and livestock.

Made of plastic and high-quality steel.

Ergonomic finger grips, Bevel sharper needle.

International standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ISO 11785).

Anti-Drop system which ensures the microchip will remain inside the needle until it is implanted.

Anti-migration system with parylene coating microchip

Syringes are supplied in bag of 10 units.

Injection material


Wrapping paper

Sterilized pouch


Syringe: 120x47x10mm


Frequency: 134.2kHz

Standard: ISO 11784/5 FDX-B

Dimension: 2.12 x 12mm or 1.4 x 8mm

Housing Material: Bio-glass Anti-Collision Standard:IP67

Parylene coating: Yes


EO gas, 5 years’ guarantee

Reading distance

Up to 7 cm


Box of 10 mini chips or standard chips

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