Monopractilon Nylon

Non-absorbable suture made of Polyamide 6.0 or 6.6


Monopractilon is AIP Medical’s brand of nylon sutures. It is a non-absorbable, monofilament synthetic suture. Nylon sutures, which are also called polyamide sutures, are remarkably smooth and soft. They also have a very good feel and excellent knot security.

Black or blue in color, they also have excellent tensile strength to provide very good permanent fabric support. They cause very little tissue reaction and allow a smooth passage through the tissue without damage. The absence of capillarity allows this suture to offer no support to bacterial growth and to offer a high resistance to infection.

These properties make this suture a popular choice for surgeons for soft tissue suturing and ligation. They are used in skin closure operations because they do not have tissue adhesion. They are also suitable in general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and even orthopedics. Black Monopractilon is also very suitable for plastic and ophthalmic surgery.

However, nylon sutures are not suitable for the fixation of artificial prostheses in cardiovascular surgery. Because of the progressive loss of tensile strength that can occur, nylon sutures are not recommended when permanent retention of tensile strength is required. There is also a contraindication for this product with respect to operations in the central nervous system and circulatory system. This is also the case for surgery in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to nylon.

Monopractilon is available in dozens for use in human medicine. For more information about Monopractilon, please contact our team.

Technical features

Type of suture



Extrusion of polyamide 6.0 or 6.6




Blue or Black

Tissue reaction



Non absorbable, gradually encapsulated by connective tissue. The thread mass diminishes, approximately 10% a year by rupture of chemical links (hydrolytic action).


Box with 12 sutures

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